Published July 29, 2022 | Version 1.1.0
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Continuous Long-term Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Dataset for Indoor Positioning (full version)

  • 1. Algoritmi Research Centre


Database with Wi-Fi samples (RSSI measurements) collected from several Raspberry Pi (RPi) 3B+ devices continuously over 2+ years. The database includes the long-term dataset from the RPi devices (with 7,435,398 Wi-Fi samples), as well as 12 site-survey datasets (with 11,140 Wi-Fi samples) conducted in this period. The site-surveys were also conducted with a RPi 3B+.

The measurements obtained from the RPi 3B+ Wi-Fi interface include the list of detected APs, their signal strength (RSSI) and transmission channel. The list has APs from the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands because it supports IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN.  

These data were collected at a university building, between 19 Feb. 2019 and 25 Mar. 2021.

The supporting material includes the Python scripts to parse and analyse the data by generating various plots. It also includes the locations of the monitoring devices and the list of reference points considered in the site-surveys.


A detailed description of this dataset and the data collection process can be found here:

Silva I, Pendão C, Moreira A. Collection of a Continuous Long-Term Dataset for the Evaluation of Wi-Fi-Fingerprinting-Based Indoor Positioning Systems. Sensors. 2022; 22(22):8585.


When using this dataset, please add a citation to the paper above or this citation:

Silva, I., Pendão, C., & Moreira, A. (2022). Continuous Long-term Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Dataset for Indoor Positioning (full version) (1.1.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.


This is the full version of the dataset that includes Wi-Fi samples that were collected every 60 seconds from each RPi device, continuously during 2+ years.


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