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AR Crew Rescue Assistant and AR Passenger Assistant Application for emergency scenarios on large passenger ships

  • 1. National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece


 Evacuating a large passenger ship is a safety-critical, complex and time-dependent process that requires enhanced situational awareness and efficient coordination of thousands of passengers and crew personnel. Not only the fast and accurate evaluation of ship’s condition is of great importance, but also the fast and appropriate response from both the crew and the passengers is crucial to ensure timely and safe evacuation. During an emergency, the evolving nature of a hazard may require adaptation of the exiting evacuation process, while it is not ensured that all passengers are able to comprehend and follow the given safety instructions. In addition, crew’s ability to provide clear and accurate instructions to the passengers may be affected by the changing conditions during an emergency and the limited available information from the ship’s areas affected. In response, a system that will provide clear instructions to both crew and passengers and guide passengers safely on how to react in an emergency situation is of paramount importance for any large passenger ship. While Augmented and Virtual Reality technology is constantly growing in several application domains such as health, manufacturing, education, safety training and retail, its full potentials for the use in real environment of large passenger ships for training and safety applications has not been exploited yet. In the context of the SafePASS project a set of AR applications has been designed and implemented in order to assist and enhance already existing emergency procedures and tools for large passenger ships.


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