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Published July 20, 2022 | Version v01.00
Working paper Open

Review of CoreTrustSeal Applicability to non-Preservation (Trustworthy) Data Services

  • 1. UK Data Service, UK Data Archive, University of Essex
  • 1. UK Data Service, UK Data Archive, University of Essex


This brief working paper provides an initial overview of the CoreTrustSeal Requirements with regard to their broader applicability to data and metadata services beyond Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDR). 

Some concluding remarks provide a first outline of the functional components of trustworthy data services based on our initial analysis. With the exceptions of “Preservation Plan” and “ReUse” our assessment is that all of the CoreTrustSeal Requirements are applicable to any (meta)data service or (meta)data service component or function. 

This is a first step in an internal planning and analysis process by the UK Data Service. It is shared in the interests of transparency and to provide a reference point for some engagement with peers on this topic. This version is a draft and should not be considered as final. 



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