Published June 8, 2022 | Version v1
Presentation Open

Working with IIIF Manifests in Archipelago


  • 1. Metropolitan New York Library Council


Archipelago is an open source repository system developed and supported by the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO). Archipelago leverages Drupal’s core content management and custom Archipelago components, the Strawberryfield modules, to form a flexible and extensible digital repository system. All data, including metadata, for digital objects and collections is stored in JSON, and can be cast into different metadata schemas and displays depending on institutional and community needs. IIIF APIs and IIIF compliant viewer customizations are woven into Archipelago’s architecture and functionality.

During this presentation, participants will engage in a brief general overview of Archipelago’s architecture and metadata setup. Participants will also see a selection of screenshots depicting the editing of a IIIF manifest using Archipelago’s Metadata Display Editing & Preview feature to source different metadata values (specifically an alternative LoD sources for Creator/Author information). This presentation will demonstrate how Archipelago can be used to develop IIIF manifest understanding and skills. Participants will be invited to interact with the same freely-accessible Archipelago instance and resources on their own following the presentation.


_Public Copy_ Working with IIIF Manifest in Archipelago _ OR2022.pptx.pdf