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Published June 23, 2022 | Version v6
Software Open

Supplementary artifact for the paper "FIXREVERTER: A Realistic Bug Injection Methodology for Benchmarking Fuzz Testing"

  • 1. University of Texas at Dallas
  • 2. University of Maryland


The artifact goes through the 3 main steps of evaluating fuzzers with FixReverter and RevBugBench: FixReverter Bug Injection, FuzzBench Experiment and FixReverter Bug Triage. FixReverter Bug Injection involves running clang libtooling based tools and phasar static analysis. FuzzBench Experiment involves running local fuzzing experiments with FuzzBench. FixReverter Bug Triage involves running python scripts. Detailed instructions can be found at the README.pdf file at root directory of the uploaded compressed file.

Changes in version 6:

- Updated artifact/programs/usrsctp/clang/ and removed artifact/programs/usrsctp/clang/fix.diff
- Updated FuzzBench Setup step 3 in README.pdf.
- Updated artifact/programs/binutils-fuzz_cxxfilt/inject_products/dda.json with the same indexing used in evaluation.

Changes in version 5:

- Updated artifact/programs/curl/phasar/

Changes in version 4:

- Replaced artifact/programs/binutils-fuzz_disassemble/inject_products/apm.json with corrected version.
- Added inject_products folder for program zstd (artifact/programs/zstd/inject_products).
- updated /programs/curl/clang to for typo in and broken zlib link.
- Added missing seeds folder in artifact/programs/libxml2_xml/clang.
- Added artifact/scripts/ and updated README.pdf on its instructions.


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