Published July 12, 2022 | Version 1.0
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D2.3 - PIACERE DevSecOps Framework - v1

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This deliverable will integrate all the components developed by the other technical WPs in the PIACERE DevSecOps Framework. Different versions of the PIACERE DevSecOps Framework will be provided following an incremental approach. The first version will be an initial prototype with the core functionalities implemented; the second version will augment these functionalities taking into consideration the feedback coming for the use cases and the final version will include corrections and feedback coming from the implementation of the use cases. The software will be accompanied by a Technical Specification Report. When appropriate, the architecture definition of the DevSecOps framework will be updated


D2.3 - PIACERE DevSecOps Framework - v1 - v1.0_20220228_marca.pdf

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