Published July 8, 2022 | Version v1
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D3.7 A FAIRification guidance tool for IMI

  • 1. EMBL-EBI
  • 2. Open PHACTS
  • 3. Fraunhofer
  • 4. Bayer


The increased awareness and demand for FAIR data requires more FAIR guidelines and training. However, the FAIRplus squads’ collaboration with the IMI project shows that, despite the willingness to improve their projects, many project owners struggle to define their FAIRification goals and find direction on how to improve the FAIR level. The FAIR wizard, a FAIRification guidance tool, is designed to assist project managers, data operators, and scientists to define their FAIRification goals and guide them through the design and implementation of their FAIRification activity. The FAIR wizard reuses the Squads FAIRification experience and connects different activities and work outcomes across the FAIRplus project. The wizard not only brings the FAIRplus outcomes together and makes the Squads FAIRification learning experience more reusable. It also demonstrates its potential of connecting to other FAIR communities to meet the various needs of FAIR data in different domains.


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