Published July 6, 2022 | Version v1
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Catalysis Research Data Management – From Ontologies to Electronic Lab Notebooks


The slides were created for a workshop at the NFDI Satellite Event at the Joint Conference of Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2022.

Workshop abstract: Catalysis research is interdisciplinary, data are generated in several sub-steps and, thanks to new tools, in large quantities. Currently, data management in catalysis is mostly organized at the working group level or, at most, at the institute level and is based on local conventions. As a result, much of the data remains unused. A fundamental, digital transformation in catalysis science, process and chemical engineering is needed to get the most value out of the data, for example: standardizing concepts, vocabularies, and data formats, as well as creating networked information architectures that enable the storage and exchange of semantically rich data. NFDI4Cat has created this 90-minute workshop to help you understand the importance of RDM, present some key tech skills in catalysis research, and show you where to start if you want to start shaping the future of catalysis.



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