Published July 4, 2022 | Version 1.0
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D3.2 Specifications and Upgrade of Multiband Channel Sounder for Quad-Band Measurements at Sub-6 GHz + mmWave + THz + OWC in Industry Scenarios

  • 1. Fraunhofer
  • 2. Oledcomm
  • 3. Bosch


The present document details the architecture, implementation and calibration of a quad-band channel sounder operating in the sub-6 GHz (center frequency of 6.75 GHz), mmWave (center frequency of 74.25 GHz), sub-THz (center frequency of 186.75 GHz) and optical (peak wavelength of 940 nm) domains. This channel sounder is composed of two independent sounders – one for the optical band and the other for the sub- 6 GHz, mmWave and sub-THz bands – that are assembled in a single movable unit that can easily be deployed in industrial environments for multi-band channel measurements. Such measurements are envisioned in various setups that are here presented and will be later used to validate and calibrate the ray-tracing channel model developed in a previous report from point cloud data acquired with 3D laser measurements.


D3.2 Specifications and upgrade of multiband channel sounder for quad-band measurements at sub-6 GHz + mmWave + THz + OWC in industry scenarios.pdf

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