Published June 27, 2022 | Version 1.1
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10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research


This document, "10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research," describes the key issues of curating reproducible and FAIR research (CURE-FAIR). It lists standards-based guidelines for ten practices, focusing primarily on research compendia produced by quantitative data-driven social science.

The "10 CURE-FAIR Things" are intended primarily for data curators and information professionals who are charged with publication and archival of FAIR and computationally reproducible research. Often the first re-users of the research compendium, they have the opportunity to verify that a computation can be executed and that it can reproduce pre-specified results. Secondarily, the "10 CURE-FAIR Things" will be of interest to researchers, publishers, editors, reviewers, and others who have a stake in creating, using, sharing, publishing, or preserving reproducible research.


CURE-FAIR WG_10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research V1.1 Zenodo.pdf