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A Highly Innovative Approach to the Safe-by-Design Paradigm: The SABYDOMA Story

  • 1. The University of Leeds


Safe-by-Design (SbD) has been a topical issue over the last few years which has been addressed in many ways from aligning it with solutions similar to drug design and development to more high-level approaches which are more concerned with the health and safety governance associated with the production of chemicals and nanomaterial. More generally health and safety management takes its cue from two concepts. The first is the Precautionary Principle where the controlling policy is based on the public’s perception of risk. The second concept arises from the control being determined from Evidence-Based Decisions. The SABYDOMA approach leads on from the latter concept where SbD is underwritten by control system technology and software as depicted in Fig. 1.



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SABYDOMA – Safety BY Design Of nanoMaterials - From Lab Manufacture to Governance and Communication: Progressing Up the TRL Ladder 862296
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