Published September 30, 2021 | Version v1
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D3.1 Conformity Evaluation Process & Multi Level Evidence Driven Supply Chain Risk Assessment


This deliverable’s objective is to report the results of the activities performed in the first phase of CYRENE’s Work Package 3. Its main output is to present the proposal of an enhanced Risk and Conformity Assessment (RCA) methodology that combines all the relative standards, policy and legal requirements mentioned in the deliverable 2.1. This RCA methodology is an enhanced method of dual use, as it should be able to be used by:
SCS Providers and Business Partners to help them get prepared for a certification, and assessors in order to demonstrate the validity of the claims, for example, in a Protection Profile.
In this document every step of the CYRENE RCA methodology is analysed in a form of scope, input and expected outcome, followed by an example for better comprehension of the reader. In addition, eight appendices are included in the current document.


CYRENE_D3.1_Conformity Evaluation Process & Multi Level Evidence Driven Supply Chain Risk Assessment_v1.0.pdf

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