Published June 30, 2022 | Version 2
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Semileptonic ttbar Neutrino Regression Dataset


A set of MC simulated training/testing events for the training/evaluation of neutrino regression models.

  • Training set contains 585600 events split across 5 files
    • We leave it up to the individual how to split this dataset for cross validation
  • Testing set contains 94293 events and should only be used for final evaluation

Simulation Details

  • Events are generated from simulated proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV.
  • Mass of the top quark is set to 173 GeV.
  • Hard interactions are simulated using MadGraph5 (v3.1.0), with decays of top quarks and W bosons modeled with MadSpin.
  • Event generation is interfaced to Pythia (v8.243) to model parton shower and hadronization.
  • Detector response is simulated using Delphes (v3.4.2) with a parametrization that mimics the response of the ATLAS detector.


Event Reconstruction and Selection


  • Jets are reconstructed using energy-flow objects and the anti-kt algorithm with R=0.4.
  • Jet b-tagging corresponding to an inclusive signal efficiency of 70%.
  • At least four jets with pT > 25 GeV in the range |eta|<2.5 are required.
  • Exactly one reconstructed electron or muon with pT > 15 GeV in the range |eta|<2.5 is required.


File Contents

Each HDF file contains the “delphes” table which holds multiple arrays and structured arrays.

The reconstructed information includes:

  • MET: The missing transverse momentum of the event (stored using polar cords)
    • Keys: MET, phi
  • leptons: The single reconstructed lepton in the event:
    • Keys: pt, eta, phi, energy, charge, type
  • jets: A zero padded table of the leading 10 jets in the event
    • Keys: pt, eta, phi, energy, is_tagged
  • njets: Numpy array holding the number of reconstructed jets in the event
  • nbjets: Numpy array holding the number of b-tagged jets

The truth/generator level information includes:

  • truth_neutrinos: Truth level information of the single neutrino in the event
    • Keys: PDGID, pt, eta, phi, mass
  • truth_quarks: Table of information for the four signal quarks in the semileptonic ttbar decay (blep, bhad, Wq1, Wq2)
    • Keys: PDGID, pt, eta, phi, mass
  • jets_indices: A numpy array containing the identity of each of the jets in the reconstructed jet table
    • 0 = blep, 1 = bhad, 2 = Wq1, 3 = Wq2


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