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D2.2 Open data concerning social inclusion provided on the project homepage - Emerging findings

  • 1. Oslo Metropolitan University


Authors to the case posters and contributors from consortium partners are described in the deliverable. 

The H2020 YouCount project runs from February 2021 to January 2024 and the consortium consists of 11 partners from nine European countries. Multiple case studies—consisting of 10 co-creative Y-CSS projects with young citizen scientists (YCS) aged between about 13-29 years old across nine countries in Europe—will provide knowledge about the positive drivers of social inclusion in general. The cases will further produce knowledge as well as innovations in relation to social participation, social belonging, and citizenship.

In line with YouCount’s commitment to Open Science and Data Management based on the FAIR Principles, D2.2 provides a sample of open data concerning social inclusion from the research and innovation activities during the implementation period. The open data is based on informed consent and includes the following files included in the report:

1.      File 1 Homepage 30-06-22, Case descriptions.

2.      File 2 Case posters 08-06-2022, Experiences with inclusive co-creative Y-CSS in multiple case study.       

3.      File 3 Narrative text 26-06-22, Experiences with developing the YouCount app toolkit, methodology.

4.      File 4 Quotes 25-06-22, Views and experiences with social inclusion of youths, YouCount/ECSA WG EIE webinars 2021 and             YouCount newsletters 2022.

5.      File 5 Links to YouCount app toolkit, 28-06-22, Youths’ views and experiences with social inclusion opportunities, observations.

Notably, the open data are based on a co-creative and flexible research design and comes in an early phase of the case studies. They can thus only be used as emerging data and preliminary findings. Still, the data contain valuable information of the research experiences and voices from young people found in the early phase of conducting hands on co-creative Y-CSS. More systematic open social inclusion data will be provided later in the project.   

The open data can also be found at the project website Home - YouCount - Social Citizen Science (

Note! They are shared under CC-BY (text) and CC-BY-ND (images case posters) due to confidentiality issues.


D2.2 Sample of open data re social inclusion provided on project webpage - Emerging findings.pdf

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