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RESISTIRE D5.3 Report on open studios cycle 2

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This report provides an overview of the four Open Studios that were conducted in the second cycle of the RESISTIRÉ project and their respective results. The Open Studios constitute the co-creation step in the RESISTIRÉ process, with results from the consecutive research cycles (WP2-4) being interpreted in this multidisciplinary format. The Open Studios are action-oriented, which means that their ultimate output consists of ideas for concrete action (which can be put into practice through pilot projects), input for recommendations to reshape policies, and unanswered questions (missing insights or knowledge) that can form the foundation of a future research agenda.
Four Open Studios were organised with a mix of participants from the consortium and invited participants. Each Open Studio (OS) had a different thematic focus, centred around the two central topics of gender-based violence (GBV) and education: the first OS focused on the shadow pandemic of GBV, and sought innovations to support survivors and protect women & LGBTQI+ people against this worsening trend in violence. The second OS looked at the plight of young people enrolled in education, who were deeply affected by the sudden move to digital formats and enforced isolation during the pandemic. The third OS focused on the flip side of this coin, trying to find solutions for teachers and educators who became (more) overburdened as a result of COVID-19. Finally, the fourth OS looked at digital GBV and digital activism, trying to come up with innovations to counter violence in digital spaces and to promote activism in a digital context.


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