Published June 10, 2022 | Version Second edition
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The Dystopia of an Imitation

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Jarosław Solecki’s booklet The Dystopia of an Imitation presents a creative way of exploring the matter of art. The central issue taken up in the work is the sculpting process realised in stone, clay and in the form of digital 3D graphics. Solecki's reflection on the materialisation of an artistic in relation to algorithm-based art is of undeniable value. He also points out that the materialisation of the concept is 'performed' in the same way that the viewer of graphic forms in 3D is 'performed' (guided by the artist creating the computer generated images), which makes it easier to frame VR art through the perspective of the performative turn in the humanities.

(from a review prof. Aleksandra Łukaszewicz)


The publication was prepared as part of the grant programme Arts Council England: Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP-00349467-R8), London 2020–2022


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