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Queens of Humanities: Stories to attract and engage

  • 1. Institute of Literary Research at Polish Academy of Sciences


Humanities are often perceived through the prism of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) paradigms and methods of measuring impact (Vienni-Babtista et al. 2020). However, as humanities have different traditions of knowledge production, comparisons to STEM are often misplaced and inadequate. There is a need for advocacy for humanities to show their impact on social life (Henseler 2020, Vienni-Babtista et al. 2020). How to tell the story about humanities as the essence of understanding humankind in its all aspects and bring it back to the table as an equal partner of science? Seeking an answer to this question, the poster presents the scope and dissemination of the Queens of Humanities campaign run by OPERAS-PL. Its purpose is to promote innovative humanistic approaches and show their relevance in today’s world. The posts are an occasion to bring up important problems of humanities research, such as the underestimation of publications that do not fit with the strict academic criteria, e.g. “born digital” monographs, data visualisations, web applications, podcasts or vlogs. as an experimental initiative aimed at telling the story of humanities as an innovative, creative and ubiquitous way of expanding human knowledge about the world. The case is a simple, yet inspiring advocacy project which can be implemented among different audiences. It also reflects on Facebook, which despite increasing competition in the area of social media, still offers unsophisticated yet sufficient solutions for storytelling targeted at specific local audiences.

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