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VisuExplore Screenshots

  • 1. Vienna University of Technology, Austria


This upload contains open-access screenshots of the VisuExplore prototype that were originally published on the website in 2012.

VisuExplore is a flexible interaction and visualization framework for an electronic health record of a single patient. It presents the development of multiple heterogeneous medical variables over time. A particular focus was set on a high level of usability by using simple and easy-to-understand visual representation methods. In addition, VisuExplore is an extensible platform for further research developments. For example, three further visual representation methods were implemented and integrated during the project: a semantic zoom chart (based on [Bade et al., 2004]) to combine quantitative data (e.g., body temperature) and qualitative abstraction thereof (e.g., “high fever”), a horizon graph (based on [Reijner, 2008]) for a particularly space-efficient display of large amounts of numerical variables, and a document browser.

Figure captions:

  • VisuExplore prototype with simple and easy-to-understand visual representation methods: Line plot, bar chart, event chart, and timeline chart.
  • VisuExplore prototype with advanced visual representation methods: Document browser, semantic zoom chart, and horizon graph
  • Interaction techniques for reading values: Mouse-over tooltip, table panel with linked selection, mouse tracker
  • Customizing the line plot: (1) default setting, (2) zoom y-axis to data range, (3) extend y-axis to zero, and (4) use smaller marks and thinner lines
  • Flexibility of visual representation: Four variables (1) in a horizon graph, (2) combined in a line plot, or (3) in separate line plots
  • Measure tool: A metaphorical tape measure for the time interval between two items (also across multiple diagrams)

Publications based on VisuExplore:

  • Rind, A., Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Wiltner, S., Pohl, M., Turic, T., & Drexler, F. (2011). Visual Exploration of Time-Oriented Patient Data for Chronic Diseases: Design Study and Evaluation. In A. Holzinger & K.-M. Simonic (Eds.), Information Quality in e-Health, Proc. USAB 2011 (Vol. 7058, pp. 301–320). Springer.
  • Pohl, M., Wiltner, S., Rind, A., Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Turic, T., & Drexler, F. (2011). Patient Development at a Glance: An Evaluation of a Medical Data Visualization. In P. Campos, N. Graham, J. Jorge, N. Nunes, P. Palanque, & M. Winckler (Eds.), Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2011 (Vol. 6949, pp. 292–299). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


This work was supported by the Bridge program of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (project no. 814316) and the Centre for Visual Analytics Science and Technology CVAST (funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth in the exceptional Laura Bassi Centres of Excellence initiative). We wish to thank our partners: NÖ Gesundheits- und Sozialfonds, NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding, Landesklinikum Krems, systema Human Information Systems.



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