Published May 9, 2022 | Version v1
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A two-way street between AI research and media scholars

  • 1. Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision


With the rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), increased availability of digitised and born-digital sources from a wide range of collection owners, researchers can gain new perspectives on large-scale audiovisual collections and study patterns that reach across media and time. But what are the actual requirements that humanities scholars have for the use of such AI-based tooling? This question is what the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision brought into the European research project AI4Media. Specifically, NISV is investigating how AI tools could open new research possibilities for the users of the CLARIAH Media Suite virtual research environment which enables exploration and analysis of distributed audiovisual collections. In this short paper presentation, we will present the requirements gathered from humanities scholars on AI tooling and describe how they are being translated into functional AI tools in the Media Suite.


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