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AircraftVerse: A Large-Scale Multimodal Dataset of Aerial Vehicle Designs

  • 1. SRI International
  • 2. Southwest Research Institute
  • 3. Vanderbilt University
  • 4. Purdue University
  • 5. Carnegie Mellon University


Dataset accompanying code and paper: AircraftVerse: A Large-Scale Multimodal Dataset of Aerial Vehicle Designs

We present AircraftVerse, a publicly available aerial vehicle design dataset. AircraftVerse contains 27,714 diverse battery powered aircraft designs that have been evaluated using state-of-the-art physics models that characterize performance metrics such as maximum flight distance and hover-time.

This repository contains:

  • A zip file "", where each design_X contains:
    • design_tree.json: The design tree describes the design topology, choice of propulsion and energy subsystems. The tree also contains continuous parameters such as wing span, wing chord and arm length.
    • design_seq.json: A preorder traversal of the design tree and store this as design_seq.json.
    • design_low_level.json: The most low level representation of the design. This low level representation includes significant repetition that is avoided in the tree representation through the use of symmetry.
    • Geom.stp: CAD design for the Aircraft in composition STP format (ISO 10303 standard).
    • cadfile.stl: CAD design for the Aircraft in stereolithographic STL file,
    • output.json: Summary containing the UAV's performance metrics such as maximum flight distance, maximum hover time, fight distance at maximum speed, maximum current draw, and mass.
    • trims.npy: Contains the [Distance, Flight Time, Pitch, Control Input, Thrust, Lift, Drag, Current, Power] at each evaluated trim state (velocity).
    • pointCloud.npy: Numpy array containing the corresponding point clouds for each design.
  • corpus_dic: The corpus of components (e.g. batteries, propellers) that make up all aircraft designs. It is structured as a dictionary of dictionaries, with the high level components: ['Servo', 'GPS', 'ESC', 'Wing', 'Sensor', 'Propeller', 'Receiver', 'Motor', 'Battery', 'Autopilot'], containing a list of dictionaries corresponding to the component type. E.g. corpus_dic['Battery']['TurnigyGraphene2200mAh3S75C'] contains the detail of this particular battery.

Corresponding code for this work is included at 


This material is based upon work supported by the United States Air Force and DARPA under Contract No. FA8750-20-C-0002.  Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Air Force and DARPA.



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