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Deliverable D6.2 - Business Models and Financial Schemes: identification and development

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This report analyses various business models and financial schemes that will potentially be employed to commercialise the e-SAFE solutions.

After setting out the context, by providing an overview of e-SAFE’s mission and purpose, this report sets out the foundations for developing the core e-SAFE actors’ business model, namely e-IPR and e-FOUNDATION, utilising the business model canvas methodology.
e-IPR will be the entity managing the relationships with e-SAFE’s target market and business partners and receive all license/royalty revenue emanating from such relationships. As a result, e-IPR will be the core e-SAFE trading company, in charge of holding and developing e-SAFE assets and trading profits.
e-FOUNDATION will act as the funding, financing and advocacy vehicle of e-SAFE, aiming to make e-SAFE affordable to the target customer segments that are not able to proceed with conventional financing. To this end, it will develop an array of financial/funding tools and schemes, which will be made available through new or existing One-Stop Shops in key target locations. Further, it will play an important advocacy role, engaging with stakeholders to promote deep seismic and energy renovation more generally.

This report also explores the financial/funding schemes/tools that e-FOUNDATION may have in store for its potential customers on a high-level basis, i.e. a dedicated crowdfunding platform (e-CROWD) incorporating a peer-to-peer lending platform, direct financing options, green bonds, energy trading via smart contracts as well as financial and fiscal incentives. D6.3 “White Paper for policy engagement” complements this exercise by aiming to design adaptable financial and fiscal incentives to be included in a template White Paper, to be used for advocacy purposes by e-FOUNDATION.


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