Published April 22, 2022 | Version v1
Book Open

Models and guidelines for the design and development of joint master's programmes

  • 1. European Association of Distance Teaching Universities


This e-book provides pedagogical guidelines for designing and developing joint master’s programmes, to be published on the BLOOM hub. The hub will present a series of models and guidelines for key educational digital formats for higher education courses and programmes, international collaboration and mobility.

The basic premise is “teaching as a design science” (Laurillard, 2012): educational formats as presented on the BLOOM hub should be the subject of successive design steps, in which teachers and programme boards take the lead, supported by teaching and learning and educational ICT support services. Institutional leadership should promote innovation in higher education through digitization strategies and create the necessary conditions for the design, development and implementation of digitized education.

This eBook first provides a general overview of the successive design and development steps for a joint master’s degree. The following sections explain each of these steps, mapping out all actions to be taken along with the guidelines. Based on the general overview, each module is directly accessible: from the overview, the document can be unfolded.

Next eBooks will deal with models and guidelines on the design and development of “joint microcredential courses”, “joint microcredential programmes”, “curriculum collaboration and mobility”, to be followed by “blended higher education”, “hybrid higher education” and “MOOCs and microcredentials”.


Henderikx.P_Ubachs.G_2022_Models and guidelines for the design and development of joint masters programme.pdf