Published April 11, 2022 | Version 2
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Corpus of Early English Correspondence Extension Sampler part 1 (CEECES 1)


The Corpus of Early English Correspondence Extension Sampler part 1 (CEECES 1) is the first public release from the 18th-century part of the Corpora of Early English Correspondence (CEEC-400).

The CEECES 1 forms one part of the full CEECES. The other parts, both released 11 April 2022, are the CEECES part 2 and the TCEECES.

The CEECES 1 was originally released in April 2021; this new version (11 April 2022) contains the exact same data (corpus files and supporting metadata), only

  1. the new zip file has been cleaned of macOS metafiles (__MACOSX and .DS_Store files),
  2. the manual has been updated,
  3. the metadata is now provided as a tsv file and a MS Excel file, and
  4. a key to the metadata has been included in the bundle.

See the accompanying manual for more information on the CEECES 1; see the manuals for the CEECES 2 and the TCEECES for more information on the CEECES. See for more on the CEEC-400.


CEECES 1 = Corpus of Early English Correspondence Extension Sampler part 1. Compiled by Terttu Nevalainen, Helena Raumolin-Brunberg, Samuli Kaislaniemi, Mikko Laitinen, Minna Nevala, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin, Tanja Säily and Anni Sairio at the Department of Languages, University of Helsinki. XML conversion and encoding by Lassi Saario. Helsinki: VARIENG, 2021.


Version history:

1.4.2021 Version 1 – First release of corpus texts, metadata, and manual.

11.4.2022 Version 2 – Second release, to coincide with the release of CEECES 2 and TCEECES. Zip file cleaned, manual updated.


CEECES 1 manual_v2.pdf

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