Published November 30, 2021 | Version v2
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Preventing RA - What treatments do people at risk of rheumatoid arthritis prefer?

  • 1. University of Birmingham, UK
  • 2. patient research partner, Sweden
  • 3. patient research partner, UK
  • 4. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 5. Janssen R&D, USA


Rheumatoid arthritis, often referred to as RA, is a long-term condition that mainly affects the joints. RA causes pain, swelling, stiffness and often fatigue. If patients are not treated, their joints can suffer permanent damage, which can lead to disability. Having RA can also lead to other conditions, for example inflammation in other parts of the body like the lungs, heart or eyes. Most patients need long-term treatment with medicines that come with the risk of side effects that can be serious.


This case study was conducted within the PREFER project.


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PREFER – Patient Preferences in benefit risk assessments during the drug life cycle - Sofia ref.: 115966 115966
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