Published March 26, 2022 | Version 101
Dataset Open

A dataset of published journal papers using neural networks for seismological tasks.

  • 1. Stanford University


This is a dataset of 637 journal papers applying neural networks for various tasks in seismology spanning January 1988 to January 2022. The dataset mainly includes peer reviewed papers and does not contain duplicated works. It follows a hierarchical classification of papers based on seismological tasks (i.e. category, sub_category_I, sub_category_II, task, and sub_task). For each paper following information are provided: 1) first author's last name, 2) publication year, 3) paper's title, 4) journal 's name, 5) machine learning method used, 6) the type of used neural network, 7) the name of neural network architecture, 8) the number of neurons/kernels in each hidden layer, 9) type of training process, i.e. supervised, semi-supervised, etc, 10) input data into the network, 11) output data, 12) data domain, i.e. time, frequency, feature, etc, 13) the type of data used for training, e.g. synthetic or real data, 14) the size of training set, 15) the metrics used to measure the performance, 16) performance scores, 17) the baseline method used for evaluation, and 18) a short note summarizing the paper's objective, its approach, and its significance. 

An updating version of the dataset can be find from here: and here: 

An updating glossary of seismological tasks and relevant machine learning techniques and papers are provided here:



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