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D3.2 Interim report on policies and strategies

  • 1. Data Archiving & Network Services, KNAW-DANS
  • 1. Archaeology Data Services, University of York
  • 2. Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
  • 3. PIN S.C.r.L.
  • 5. Data Archiving & Network Services, KNAW-DANS


The overall objective of ARIADNEplus is to serve archaeological researchers and data management communities by improving data sharing and the (re)use of data resources, which are dispersed through Europe and often difficult to discover and access as different silos (institutional, national or disciplinary) still exist. This report describes the activities carried out by the different partners during the first two and a half years of the ARIADNEplus project, as well as the results achieved through the work package. These activities include: defining and disseminating of guides to ensure that archaeological data will be FAIR and available in the long-term; the implementation of a portfolio of tools to support users such as the ARIADNEplus DMP Researcher Template for Archaeological Datasets with a Domain Data Protocol based on the Science Europe core requirements for Research Data Management; sharing experiences from partners with already certified repositories with partners willing to set up an archaeological data repository and providing guidelines and support on repository creation and management; the requirements for repository certification; the application of the FAIR principles to archaeological data, taking into account different regulations throughout Europe and the potential sensitivities and IPR-related issues; training on FAIR Data Management.


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