Published March 19, 2022 | Version 1
Report Open

Case Study: Low-Cost IT Infrastructure Decisions Cost Minimum of MYR18,700.00 Losses Due to Insider Threat in Malaysia



Saving on IT infrastructure expenses is an usual business practice that usually yields a costly consequences if the strategy is not upgraded through the mid development. There are other considerable aspects aside financing when it comes to technological selection. Otherwise, deciding based on finance alone will create problem with snowball effect causing damages far greater than the initial thinking of saving. This paper presents a real case amounting MYR18,200.00 losses as of November 15, 2021 after 2 years of utilization. This case study paper explores a medium-sized enterprise customer salvaging a sinking circumstances where its own vendor had caused numerous trust and data loss damages. It studies the details of the work scope, the problem, how ZORALab approaches it, and the total cost of mitigating the circumstances back to stability. For the sake of protecting privacy for all parties, all personal and enterprise identifiable information were replaced with anonymous aliases and any sensitive evidences were redacted.