Published March 16, 2022 | Version v0.9.10.1
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pyGSTio/pyGSTi: Version


Adds a number of important updates and bug fixes, including:

  • fixes Windows-specific problems related to 32- vs 64-bit integers.
  • adds tools to estimating the wall time needed to execute an experiment design on a quantum processor.
  • fixes issues with extras.interpygate so that germ selection works and the number of gauge parameters can be specified manually.
  • adds "pad_1Q" implicit idle mode, which pads empty space in a circuit with 1-qubit idle operations.
  • adds SPAM and instrument elements to processor specifications.
  • adds QuditProcessorSpec object, so that processors containing multiple qudits can be readily modeled.
  • fixes bugs and adds functionality to first-order-gauge-invariant (FOGI) analysis routines.
  • improves circuit simulation performance when using operation factories (e.g., for modeling continuously parameterized gates)
  • revamps elementary error generator functionality to closely match arXiv:2103.01928, where there are H, S, C, and A type elementary generators.
  • default gauge optimization workflow changed for Lindblad-constrained models: now these models are converted to TP and gauge optimized over the entire TP gauge group (unitary group optimization was seen to be problematic for Lindblad-constrained models).
  • fixes a bug in Hessian projection that affects (and corrects) error bar computation.



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