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WORKSHOP: Introduction to Metabarcoding using QIIME2

  • 1. University of Melbourne
  • 2. Melbourne Bioinformatics
  • 3. Monash Bioinformatics Platform
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This record includes training materials associated with the Australian BioCommons workshop ‘Introduction to Metabarcoding using QIIME2’. This workshop took place on 22 February 2022.

Event description

Metabarcoding has revolutionised the study of biodiversity science. By combining DNA taxonomy with high-throughput DNA sequencing, it offers the potential to observe a larger diversity in the taxa within a single sample, rapidly expanding the scope of microbial analysis and generating high-quality biodiversity data. 

This workshop will introduce the topic of metabarcoding and how you can use Qiime2 to analyse 16S data and gain simultaneous identification of all taxa within a sample. Qiime2 is a popular tool used to perform powerful microbiome analysis that can transform your raw data into publication quality visuals and statistics. In this workshop, using example 16S data from the shallow-water marine anemone E. diaphana, you will learn how to use this pipeline to run essential steps in microbial analysis including generating taxonomic assignments and phylogenic trees, and performing both alpha- and beta- diversity analysis. 

Materials are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International agreement unless otherwise specified and were current at the time of the event.

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Materials shared elsewhere:

This workshop follows the tutorial ‘Introduction to metabarcoding with QIIME2’ which has been made publicly available by Melbourne Bioinformatics.


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