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Validated version of the 4 scenarios

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The CASPER project is expected to produce three scenarios for the development of a Europe-wide Gender Equality Certification or Award Scheme (GECAS) as well as a fourth no-action scenario. This deliverable (D6.1) describes the scenarios selected by the CASPER consortium, reviewed after validation. The first scenario is the creation of a new Europe-wide GECAS. This scenario is the most ambitious. It could achieve higher impacts but also costs more to implement. The second is based on an existing international award scheme, the HRS4R, and is managed by the European Commission. In this second scenario a parallel and complementing scheme would be created (the “GES4R”) covering specifically the gender equality and intersectional aspects not sufficiently included in the HRS4R. Scenario three is the Europeanisation of an existing national scheme, Athena SWAN. This scheme has started an internationalisation process with various countries having adopted a national Athena SWAN scheme, including one EU Member State (Ireland), and other Member States are envisaging to do the same (Denmark, Netherlands). In the fourth scenario, which is a no-action scenario, no Europe-wide scheme would be developed, but it would not be a scenario without any action as the recommendation to the EC would be to stimulate both the creation of new national schemes as well as to enhance the coherence and common standards between national schemes.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 872113. Disclaimer: The current version of the deliverable has not been reviewed by the EC yet.


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