Published April 21, 2021 | Version v1
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Norms of conduct in society as a moral duty (Professor Zahid Karalov)

  • 1. Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Abstract. The article clarifies the points of view of Professor Zahid Garalov on the norms of behavior that are relevant today. In the 21st century, new products are being developed in this world to achieve every rapid development. In order to keep up with society, people also try to adapt to this development in the form of quality or keeping up , which is clearly reflected in their behavior. As Professor Zahid Garalov wrote in his book "Education", the rules of human behavior are part of their moral responsibilities. By fulfilling this task, they can also build with humanity. Therefore, in modern times, new development education must be built on the foundations, based on the moral qualities of our people - kindness, struggle, trust, patriotism, equality among people, honesty, and truthfulness and so on should be instilled in the next generation that they should not do anything when the time comes. The technical and technical possibilities for advances in the development of new generation technology do not impose any restrictions on the use of technology. Today, information, internet, social networks and other such tools have a great impact on earning and earning technology. To add to the norms of conduct in this department today are the rules of proper use of these tools, the culture of social networks, the moral qualities such as a strong influence on the events on the Internet



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