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Published April 21, 2021 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Anxiety and depressive symptoms of neurotic and adaptive disorders in medical students at different stages of education.

  • 1. Visnik of Vinnytsia State Medical University


Abstract: In modern times, it is a specific activity to study in higher education institutions, which is accompanied by a high level of physical and mental load, session time, lack of time, large information in a short time, adherence to the regime and control of the situation. According to many authors, it is necessary to identify 3 main critical periods in education, these periods occur in the 1st, 3rd and 5th years. (Medical students can show 1st, 4th and 5th courses, respectively) In the first year, the student's social role changes, certain changes are made to the value system, the need for more flexible regulation of behavior adapts to the more stringent requirements of the school.



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