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Research Data Management Course: Good Practice #2

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The Doctoral School of Nova University Lisbon since 2015 offers a course in Research Data Management. This course was designed for doctoral candidates but allows other researchers, researcher managers, librarians, and research support staff from NOVA University to register. The initiative was taken by members of the University libraries, who saw an opportunity in national and European level policy developments to propose the dissemination of good practices on research data management to better address the needs of the academic staff at their institution.

This good practice is part of a collection presented in the report "Good Practices in FAIR Competence Education", which aims to provides universities with points of inspiration and practical examples of how fellow institutions and organisations in the higher education sector addressed the need for more RDM and FAIR data-related skills to be taught at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels. The report was developed in the framework of the Fostering FAIR Data Practices in Europe (FAIRsFAIR) project.



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