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Tokophrya lemnarum Stein 1859


Tokophrya lemnarum (Stein, 1859)

Fig. 2 c.

Freshwater species whose body shape is piryform to pyramidal. Lorica absent. Fascicles of capitate tentacles mounted on 2 actinophores. Stalk longitudinally striated, of variable length, but usually at least as long as body. There are usually 2 anterior-lateral contractile vacuoles. Macronucleus ovoid to elongate with several micronuclei. Reproduction by endogenous budding producing buds with 4 ciliary girdles (Curds, 1985b).

Dimensions: body length 30–48; body width 24–35; length of the tentacles 35–50; macronucleus diameter 9– 12; stalk length 60–250; stalk diameter 3–7. Previous measurements: body length 18–127; body width 12–82; stalk length 54–170.

Material examined. Found as epibiont of: Nepa cinerea. Ukraine. Pond near village Begun’, Zhytomir region. 25.09.1984. Naucoris cimicoides. Ukraine. Small lake in high-water bed of river Western Bug near village Kamenka Bugskaya, Lvov region. 0 6.09.1985.

Additional records. On Lemna (Curds, 1985b); on aquatic plants, Asellus aquaticus (Linnaeus), Astacus leptodactylus, gammarids from Baikal lake (Curds, 1985b; Matthes et al. 1988); on Gammarus Fabricius, Astacus leptodactylus (Morado & Small, 1995); on Cordylophora caspia Pallas (Aladro-Lubel et al. 2006).


Published as part of Mariño-Pérez, Ricardo, Dovgal, Igor & Mayén-Estrada, Rosaura, 2011, New records of suctorians (Ciliophora: Suctoria) as epibionts of aquatic true bugs (Hemiptera: Prosorrhyncha: Nepomorpha) from two regions: Mexico and Eastern Europe, pp. 48-60 in Zootaxa 2798 on page 54, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.277026


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