Published January 31, 2022 | Version 2.0
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D7.3 – Annual Report of Marketing, Sales & Partnership Activities


The present document, is the second version of the Annual Report of Marketing, Sales and Partnership Activities (D7.3 due in M24), and outlines the measures that took place during the second reporting period (M13-M24). The major aim of this deliverable is to present the performed activities that were executed during the second year of the project’s implementation regarding the marketing, sales and partnership aspects of TheFSM project.

Thus, the purpose of this document is to showcase the benefits of the marketing strategy (digital and physical mix) and its importance of its alignment with the project’s operation and business goals. It analyses the pathways that drove the consortium to adopt this strategy and its main three pillars (brand identity, digital and physical marketing) that helped our marketing strategy to achieve its aims: (i) brand awareness; (ii) generate links; (iii) nurture leads; (iv) increase the number our audience; (v) build a community and (vi) promote the platform in targeted, well-known markets. Furthermore, this deliverable, records all the actions that were designed, developed and applied in order to increase the influence that our project has to its audience both with the utilization of online and offline practices (such as social media, video, campaigns, etc.).

Additionally, this deliverable identifies the communities that our project aims to develop networking activities, towards the adoption of TheFSM platform, as well as the evolution of the business ecosystem around it. It also includes a list of prominent networks that our consortium aims to create links and a list of successful implemented networking measures (with the GFSI, BDVA and Trial Alliance) that our project built upon in order to promote the positioning of TheFSM platform.

This version of the present deliverable, it includes metrics that were used in order to report and monitor both the marketing and partnership activities, while providing evidence of the activity, ensuring their successful implementation and the achievement of their initial goal


D7.3.2 Annual Report of Marketing, Sales and Partnerhips Activities_V2.0_M24.pdf

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