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BioMedData Deliverable D4.1 End-User Course on FAIR Data Management for Life Sciences Research in Norway


The BioMedData project, initiated by ELIXIR Norway, aims to connect the largest research infrastructures (RIs) within the Life Sciences in Norway with the scope of improving their data management practises, aiming at the production of findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) data.

This deliverable aims at describing and defining the contents of the first BioMedData end-user course, to take place in spring 2022. This activity builds upon two pillars: the existing training activity on Data Management Planning currently offered by ELIXIR Norway and Digital Life Norway and the report on data management gaps published by the BioMedData participants in March 2021. The latter provides a set of field-specific data management recommendations that enrich the content of the former, thus providing the end-users with concrete knowledge on FAIR data based on their domain. 

The course aims to cover topics covering the whole data life cycle (as shown in the Research Data Management kit by ELIXIR Europe) with a specific focus on the implementation of the FAIR data principles


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