Published December 12, 2021 | Version camera ready
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CBProf: Customisable Blockchain-as-a-Service Performance Profiler in Cloud Environments

  • 1. University of Amsterdam


Blockchain technologies, e.g., Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth, have been evolving rapidly during past years and enable potential decentralised innovations in a substantial amount of business applications, e.g. crowd journalism, car-sharing and energy trading. The development of decentralised business applications has to face challenges in selecting suitable blockchain technologies, customising network protocols among distributed peers, and optimising system performance to meet application requirements. Also, manually testing and comparing those different technologies are time-consuming. Therefore, an effective tool is needed for profiling the performance characteristics of blockchain services in different cloud environments. In this paper, we present the Customisable Blockchain-as-a-Service Performance Profiler (CBProf), a tool we developed for automating blockchain deployment and performance profiling in cloud environments. We also provide the implementation and functionality demonstration of this tool.


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