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Published August 19, 2016 | Version v0.3.2
Software Open

trackpy: Trackpy v0.3.2

  • 1. Brookhaven National Lab
  • 2. California Polytechnic State University
  • 3. Leiden University


This release makes trackpy robust against a recent bug in scipy's implementation of cKDTree introduced in v0.18.0 and then fixed. If scipy v0.18.0 is installed, trackpy shows a warning and falls back on KDTree instead of the bug-inflicted cKDTree.

See for a full overview of the changes.

Note: Full list of contributors: Aron Ahmadia, François Boulogne, Zoey S. Davidson, Rebecca Perry, Al Piszcz, Jan Schulz, Leonardo Uieda, and Devin Wieker


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