Published March 11, 2022 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Supplementary material for "Effects of hand postures on voice directivity"

  • 1. TH Köln, University of Applied Sciences
  • 2. TU Berlin


The repository contains measured voice directivities while performing static hand postures. The directivities were measured in the anechoic chamber of TH Köln applying a surrounding spherical microphone array, which has a diameter of
2 m and a shape of a pentakis dodecahedron. The datasets were stored in the SOFA-format and include two measurements for each of the 13 subjects.

Each subject's dataset contains directivities of the following conditions

  • REF: Reference measurement - normal articulation of an [a].
  • HFM: Holding a hand in front of the mouth while articulating an [a].
  • CAM: Cupping the hand around the mouth while articulating an [a].


The .pdf file contains

  • general information on the voice directivity files in the SOFA format
  • information on the indices and names of the SOFA-files
  • Polar plots of the directivity patterns in third-octave bands 


The .zip files contain

  • voice directivity patterns in the SOFA format sampled on the sparse measuring grid
  • voice directivity patterns in the SOFA format upsampled to a dense grid


The Matlab script provides

  • an example reading a dataset, performing spatial upsampling if required, and creating some basic plots. 



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