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ePLANET Replication and Networking plan

  • 1. CIMNE
  • 2. ICAEN
  • 3. CRES
  • 6. RDFC
  • 7. EAZK
  • 8. LIMA
  • 9. 3OC
  • 10. FEDARENE


The Replication and Networking Plan is designed to describe the replication activities and specify actions and provide a framework for them. The document can be clustered into two sections, the comprising chapters and the main focus, the specification of all replication activities.
Within the comprising chapters, the project itself and the project partners are put into perspective of replication activities. The strategic framework and the engagement strategy is highlighted and the impact including monitoring and evaluation methods is pointed out.
The specification of the replication activities covers a description for each activity on the purpose, the audience, the format and timeline. It complementary provides an overview of included partners and responsibilities as well as expected impact / results and corresponding deliverables. The ePLANET project aims to perform in total 65 engagement activities including communication, dissemination, capacity building, scaling up and replication actions, which can be categorized in four sections:

  1. ePLANET capacity building & local campaigns
    • 12 user empowerment private webinars to build up skills on ePLANET platform
    • 6 user empowerment public webinars to build capacities on Energy Transition
    • 6 user empowerment workshops to build up capacities on Energy Transition
  2. Scale-up activities
    • 6 scale up public webinars to showcase the platform and for peer mentoring between public authorities to build up capacity on national level
    • 3 scale up private workshops to build capacities on Energy Transition.
    • 6 public conferences participations in pilot countries (2 per pilot country) to facilitate the replication
  3. EU wide replication
    • 1 Open call to identify and select up to 6 follower regions
    • 12 Stakeholder forums to receive guidance on ePLANET development.
    • 2 public conferences participations to facilitate the replication
    • 1 final event to disseminate results and facilitate replication
  4. Joint exchange activities for follower regions
    • 3 study visits from follower regions to pilot regions as bilateral learning event
    • 6 technical support visits to each follower region to support implementation
    • Continuous remote support for follower regions


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