Published September 10, 2021 | Version 1.6
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Tigray: Atlas of the humanitarian situation (v 1.6)


At the beginning of November 2020, an armed conflict emerged in Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost region. The objective of this ‘Atlas of the Humanitarian
Situation’ is to document and map the situation in which approximately 6 million Tigrayans currently find themselves. For this, we contacted key informants
in different districts of Tigray to collect qualitative and quantitative evidence of the actual situation on the ground. We also confronted these data and
testimonies with information disclosed by the Government of Ethiopia and by humanitarian organizations. The 25 maps in this atlas provide detailed
information at the scale of districts (woredas) or sub-districts (tabiyas). Besides background information related to administrative divisions, social and natural
resources - locations of internally displaced people, massacres and civilian casualties receive due attention. Humanitarian access and needs are particularly
addressed; official data on humanitarian aid distribution are mapped, and contrasted to ground evidence related to such distributions. The final outlook, links
up the emergency and famine conditions in Tigray to the current crop status and to the blockade and siege of the region.


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