Published January 7, 2022 | Version 1.0
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mDRONES4rivers-project: UAV-imagery of the project area Kuehkopf Knoblochsaue at the Rhine River, Germany

  • 1. Geocoptix GmbH
  • 2. German Federal Institute of Hydrology
  • 1. Hochschule Koblenz
  • 2. JB Hyperspectral Devices
  • 3. German Federal Institute of Hydrology


Spatially and temporally high-resolution data was acquired with the aid of multispectral sensors mounted on UAV and a gyrocopter platform for the purpose of classification. The work was part of the research and development project „Modern sensors and airborne remote sensing for the mapping of vegetation and hydromorphology along Federal waterways in Germany“ (mDRONES4rivers) in cooperation of the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG), Geocoptix GmbH, Hochschule Koblenz und JB Hyperspectral Devices. 
Within the project period (2019-2022) data was collected at different sites situated in Germany along the Rivers Rhine and Oder. All published data produced within the project can be found by searching for the keyword ‘mDRONES4rivers‘. 
In this dataset, the following UAS data and metadata of the project site ‘Kuehkopf Knoblochsaue’ (center coordinates [WGS84]: 49.830564°N, 8.383341°E; area: 48 ha) at the Rhine River in Germany is available for download:
•             Multispectral orthophotos (GeoTiff; 6 bands: B, G, R, Red-Edge, NIR, Flag; camera: Micasense; resolution: 25 cm; abbreviation: MS_RAW)
•             RGB-orthophotos (GeoTiff; 3 bands: R, G, B; camera: Phantom; resolution: 25 cm; abbreviation: PH_ORTHO)
•             Digital Surface Models (GeoTiff; 1 band; camera: Phantom; resolution: ca. 5 cm; abbreviation : PH_DEM)
•             associated Technical Reports (PDF; technical metadata concerning data acquisition, and processing using Agisoft Metashape, 1x for multispectral orthophotos, 1x for RGB-orthophotos + digital surface model)
The above-mentioned files are provided for download as dataset stored in one directory per season depending on the date of data acquisition (e.g. = projectname_projectsite_year_no.season_name.season). To provide an overview of all files and general background information plus data preview the following files are stored in the folder: 
•             Overview table and metadata of the above-mentioned data (xlsx)
•             Summary (PDF, Detailed description of sensors and data acquisition procedure, 1x for multispectral orthophotos, 1x for RGB-orthophotos + digital surface models)
Note: the data was processed with focus on spectral information and not for geodetic purposes. Georeferencing accuracy has not been checked in detail.  


This dataset results from the joint project "mDRONES4rivers" funded by the research initiative mFUND of the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport – BMDV (19F2054A-D). Person in Charge: Gilles Rock


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