Published August 23, 2016 | Version v1
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The Significance of Brushing Time In Removing Dental Plaque


Microbial biofilms are mainly implicated in etiopathogenesis of caries and periodontal disease. Owing to its properties, these pose great challenges. Continuous and regular disruption of these biofilms is imperative for prevention and management of oral diseases. This study was done to understand the relationship between brushing time and plaque removal, in an untutored general population using a conventional manual toothbrush and dentifrice. Methods: The present study was undertaken to measure plaque removal by brushing over time periods between 30, 45, 60, 120 and 180 seconds with 1.5g dentifrice.(FULLSTOP) colgate 360° whole mouth clean tooth brush and Colgate total tooth paste were used in this study. Fourty subjects participated in the study, in which plaque level was assessed using the QuigleyHein (Turesky-modification) Index. Results: The study showed increased plaque removal with increased brushing time,Plaque removal significantly improved while brushing for 180 seconds when compared to brushing for 30 seconds. Conclusions: Oral health care professionals should motivate patients to brush for longer periods of time. A minimum duration of 2 minutes or more should be advised to the patients instead of 45 seconds.Special emphasis should be given in motivating all patients to brush of 2 minutes or more for plaque removal. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment should also be advised for brushing for the stipulated time as plaque retention in such patients can hamper the final result.



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