Published May 17, 2017 | Version v1
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URLs from tweets for a 2014 sample of Twitter users and for a set of computer scientists

  • 1. University of Sheffield


Data collector:

  • 1. L3S Research Center


The files in this dataset are used to analyse the tweeting behaviour of computer scientists on Twitter. They comprise

  • a set of 989,529 tweet-URL pairs (tweets_2014_researcher.tsv.bz2) from 2014 from 6,271 users of the computer scientists sample in specified by time, tweet id, user id, and URL,
  • a set of 300,053,850 tweet ids (tweets_2014_sample.tsv.bz2) from the 1% Twitter stream sample from 2014,
  • a set of 605,080 tweet-URL pairs (tweets_2014_sample_6694_users.tsv.bz2) from the 1% Twitter stream sample from 2014 for 6,694 users specified by time, tweet id, user id, and URL,
  • a set of the top 10,000 host names (MAG_hosts_10000.tsv) from the Microsoft Academic Graph data (, specified by rank, URL count, and host name, and
  • a set of 340 host names of URL shortening services (url_shortening_services.tsv).

In addition, the following rankings (based on the odds ratio) of domains, hosts, and URLs that appear in both the researcher dataset and the sample are included:

  • domains_by_odds_ratio.tsv.bz2 - a ranking of 61,860 domains,
  • hosts_by_odds_ratio.tsv.bz2 - a ranking of 80,384 hosts,
  • publisher_domains_by_odds_ratio.tsv.bz2 - a ranking of 924 publisher domains,
  • publisher_urls_by_odds_ratio.tsv.bz2 - a ranking of 4,227 publisher URLs.


This is an updated and extended version of 10.5281/zenodo.154583 where a new sample of users has been used, resulting in an updated file tweets_2014_sample_6694_users.tsv.bz2. In addition, domain, host, and URL rankings have been added.


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