Published December 8, 2021 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Mapping Unsafe Places and Emotions: Study of Ames, Iowa

  • 1. Community and Regional Planning Department, Iowa State University, USA


This research concentrates on mapping places and emotions. The case study is focused on a small college town in Ames, Iowa. The research questions concentrate on the locations of unsafe places in the city, their characteristics, and the emotions felt at these places. The unsafe places were collected in a map-based experiment conducted at the ‘Play Ames: Imagine your City’ community engagement festival. While taking the survey, residents were asked to plot a point where their unsafe place was on the paper map and describe emotions they felt at this place. In this initial study 46 locations were mapped and visualized in a geographic information system. The results of the survey revealed common themes between their ‘unsafe’ places across the city such as high volume of traffic, being isolated, and not having enough lights. The most often mentioned emotions were: anxious, nervous, risky, concerned, agitated, stressed, insecure, and worried. In the future we will add a layer on favourite places and combine the data with data on evocative places.


T Kosacz, M Gula, A Poplin, T Tobin, and F Nourin - Mapping Unsafe Places and Emotions, Study of Ames, Iowa.pdf