Published December 3, 2021 | Version v1
Technical note Open

SMART-PDM - Predictive Maintenance Tools to Predict Electrode Degradation in Spot Welding Manufacturing Processes

  • 2. LORTEK


The objective of the SMART-PDM project (ITEA4: 17041 SMART-PDM) is to gather manufacturing data to provide diagnosis and prognosis information for predictive maintenance purposes while rendering underlying technology financially feasible. MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY and LORTEK have collaborated to develop tools to predict the degradation state of electrodes used in resistance spot welding processes. Developed tools have been divided into standardized and easily generalizable modules that consist of: architecture for data retrieval, software for real time data and image analysis, software for service activation / deactivation, and interfaces for data visualization and feedback capture. Currently, tools have been implemented in two productive lines.  Validation is carried out in close collaboration with experts in spot welding processes and opertors of the productive lines.


This a brief description of the tools developed for the prediction of the degradation state of electrodes of resistance spot welding processes carried out by MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY and LORTEK within the SMART-PDM project.



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