Published January 1, 2021 | Version v1
Journal article Open

State-led bricolage and the extension of collective governance: Hybridity in the Swiss skill formation system


This paper explores the extension of collective governance to sectors without collective governance tradition. We introducethe concept of state-led bricolage to analyze the expansion of the Swiss apprenticeship training system – in which employerassociations fulll core collective governance tasks – to economic sectors in which training had previously followed a school-based and state-oriented logic. In deindustrializing societies, these sectors are key for the survival of collectively governedtraining systems. Through a mixed-methods analysis, we examine the reform process that led to the creation of new interme-diary organizations that enable collective governance in these sectors. In addition, we compare the organizational features ofthese organizations with the respective organizations in the traditional crafts and industry sectors. We nd that the new orga-nizations result from state-led bricolage. They are hybrid organizations that reect some of the bricoleur’s core policy goalsand critically build on the combination of associational and state-oriented institutional logics


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