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Institutional Research Data Management Strategy Development Template


This template is intended to assist research institutions in developing an institutional research data management (RDM) strategy, both to fulfil the first requirement of the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy and to articulate their commitment to RDM at the institutional level. It consists of suggested activities and processes in five stages to inform and shape the creation of an RDM strategy that meets local needs and resource capacities. Crucially, it is intended as a process, rather than a product template -- it provides steps for how to develop an institutional strategy, not a template outlining what an institutional strategy document itself looks like. In fact, these processes should be seen as ongoing to inform strategy updates over time and to help align institutional RDM efforts with broader institutional goals, objectives, policies, and services. While it is recommended that institutions employ each of the strategy development activities included in this template, your institution may choose to engage in each activity at a level of depth and detail appropriate to its size, research intensity, and existing RDM capacity.

The institutions which will be required to create RDM strategies are postsecondary institutions and research hospitals eligible to administer Tri-Agency funds. See both the Tri-Agency RDM Policy and Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management, which outline expectations and responsibilities for RDM in the academic community. For definitions of RDM terms in this document, please refer to the CASRAI Research Data Management Glossary.



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