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Southern green shield bug in soybean - Южный зеленый щитник в выращивании сои


Shield-bugs ((insect species of the superfamily Pentatomoidea) are serious pests in the cultivation of soybean worldwide. They are also known as stink bugs. Stink bugs because they have glands that emit a strong unpleasant odour, which emit a strong unpleasant odour. In recent years, two species have become more common in Europe. In recent years, two species have become more common in Europe - the southern green bug (Nezara viridula) and the marble bug (Halyomorpha halys). The southern green scutellaria - is a cosmopolitan species. It is a polyphagous species that infests a wide variety of crops and vegetables, with soybeans being the preferred crop. The preferred crop is soybeans.


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