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Published September 30, 2021 | Version Draft
Project deliverable Open

TRIPLE Deliverable: D6.2 Report on Procedure to Follow to Be Part of the EOSC Catalogue


The 6.2 Deliverable presents the procedure to onboard the future GoTriple platform into the EOSC catalogue. This deliverable is supposed to guide the TRIPLE consortium in the purpose of adding a SSH discovery platform to the EOSC catalogue but it can also guide other service providers for their own purposes, especially services that are made with different components.

Part 1 of this deliverable provides an overview of the GoTriple platform and the five innovative services that are integrated into it, e.g. ScaR, MEOH App, Visualisation components, Pundit, and Head Start. As those innovative services are independent tools, the perspectives, challenges and potential solutions of their onboarding into the EOSC catalogue are discussed in detail on a case-by-case basis.

Part 2 contains the core information of this deliverable. First, an overview of the three main steps in the onboarding process (2.1.) provides the overall context of the task. Second, the timeline of all needed steps (already taken and planned closer to the end of the project) to define the final federation that will serve as GoTriple provider is outlined (2.2). Essentially, all project partners that are committed to continue their support of the developed service after the project will be identified as GoTriple providers in the EOSC portal, while the GoTriple discovery service will be part of the OPERAS Research Infrastructure’s catalogue. Third, the details of the resource profile that are mandatory and optional, are listed according to the set of fields in the EOSC portal.

Part 3 summarises the two main steps in the roadmap for integration which are planned to take place in September 2021 and March 2023. In conclusion, the authors highlight the fact that the EOSC development is an ongoing process, and therefore, the current report reflects the procedures and planning steps that are valid at this point of time and fit the current requirements.


The deliverable awaits official approval by the Project Officer. --- The TRIPLE project (, which is financed under the Horizon 2020 framework (, under Grant Agreement No. 863420, with approx. 5.6 million Euros for a duration of 42 months (2019-2023). --- At the heart of the project is the development of the GoTriple platform (, an innovative multilingual and multicultural discovery solution.


D6.2 Report on Procedure to Follow to Be Part of the EOSC Catalogue_TRIPLE.pdf

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TRIPLE – Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked interdisciplinary Exploration 863420
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